Myotherapy And Pregnancy. What’s the Link?

Myotherapy And Pregnancy. What’s the Link?

While the highlight of many people’s lives, it’s pretty hard to ignore the massive physical implications that pregnancy has on the body. As both your body and mind go through significant changes, it’s vital that you do everything you can to stay healthy.

More and more women are embracing myotherapy as a way to both make the most of, and reduce the damage done by, their pregnancy.

In this blog we talk you through some of the benefits of using a myotherapist before and after childbirth.

Maintain your posture!

It’s typically during the second trimester that pronounced changes to the body become more and more noticeable. As the breasts and abdomen begin to grow at an accelerated rate, many women will experience a curvature in the spine as the body tries to adapt to the rapid addition of extra weight.

Ultimately, these changes to the spine can lead to back pain and other issues if left unchecked. A gentle examination from a myotherapist can identify any potential muscle imbalances which can become increasingly serious as time goes on.

Minimize your morning sickness

For the vast majority of women, morning sickness is an inescapable part of pregnancy. Whilst we’re not going to complain that there’s a miracle cure, combating the stress that plays a big role in the ailment can have a positive effect.

Whether it’s through massage or other manual therapies, reducing the amount of stress that any woman feels while childbearing can significantly reduce the effect that morning sickness has on your life.

Get things, ahem… moving

Okay, there’s no pretty way to discuss this topic. The hormones released during pregnancy often lead to severe constipation as they cause the digestive tract muscles to relax.

While it can be a beautifully moving experience, carrying a child can often lead to radical changes in the body that can lead the mother to feel a little bit lost.
If you’re experiencing any pregnancy side effects that you’d like to minimize or alleviate, get in touch with your nearest hypnotherapist today. For more information, contact our clinic on 03 9078 9953.


Myotherapy And Pregnancy. What’s the Link?
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