Cupping Brunswick

What is Cupping?

Cupping is an ancient medicinal modality that is used today in a more modern form by Myotherapists and Remedial massage therapists with an aim in improving the musculoskeletal function.

The technique is used to improve the effect of a massage treatment as it helps to stretch the muscle and connective tissue, fascia away from the skeleton.

Plastic vacuum cups are applied to the skin with a hand-operated pump to remove the air from the cup. The skin and superficial muscle is raised slightly within the cup and held for the duration of 5-10 minutes. The technique activates the lymphatic system by encouraging and increasing blood flow to the area. Helping to relieve muscle tension and pain.

How We Can Help

At Northern Myotherapy, our therapists use cupping to control pain and increase range of motion when other modalities such as trigger point therapy cant be tolerated due to pain. More recently cupping is also used to increase muscle length this is known as functional cupping. Cups are placed on a specific muscle when in a shortened position and slowly the therapist will stretch the muscle through its range of motion.

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