Poor Posture Treatments in Brunswick

Poor Posture

You may not feel any ill effects after sitting with poor posture for a few hours, but over time the stress that poor posture places on your body can lead to anatomical changes. This in turn can provoke back, neck and shoulder pain.

Some of the more common symptoms of poor posture we see at NM include:

  • Rounded shoulders
  • Head that either leans forward or backward.
  • Body aches and pains
  • Headaches

How Can We Help

Correcting muscular imbalances is one of the most important aspects in reversing poor posture. At NM we release the painful trigger points in the overused muscles and stretch the muscles that are stuck in a shortened position. Our therapists will devise an exercise program that strengthens the muscles that need it and lengthen others that are tight.

Are you experiencing Poor Posture? We're here to help.