Can A Myotherapist Help Me Avoid Knee Surgery?

Can A Myotherapist Help Me Avoid Knee Surgery?

Along with chronic back pain, issues with either or both of the knees can be the most debilitating impairment going.

What makes knee pain doubly frustrating is there is such a wide range of symptoms, sensations, and points on the knee itself where the pain can be experienced. Additionally, due to the amount of work they get through over the course of a lifetime, pain in the knee can be constant, rare, or anywhere in between

Although there’s no denying that sometimes a pain in the knee is just your body’s way of screaming that nothing is going to get better without going under the knife, myotherapy can often present a less invasive solution.

Establishing the causes

The first thing any good myotherapist is going to do when assessing your knee condition is to try and establish the cause of the pain. As with every other of the body, the knee is part of a complicated chain of movement and action. Pain in the knee can stem from underdeveloped muscles in the quadriceps or calves

On the other hand, muscle tears can be to blame for sharp pains through the knee and surrounding areas. Establishing a cause early on gives you the best chance of minimizing further damage, and returning to full fitness as quickly as possible.

While you should always remain optimistic, do remember that tougher roads to recovery (like surgery) are unavoidable at times.

Devising a path to recovery

Once a treatable cause has been established, a myotherapist will be able to guide you on exactly what you can be doing to get back to fitness. Knee injuries are somewhat unique in that the knee will almost always require that the joint continues to be used.

Depending on the cause of your problem (and your lifestyle) a myotherapist will be able to draw you up a treatment plan that gives the knee just the right amount of movement and resistance. Often, activities such as swimming or cycling will be suggested as they eliminate hard impacts.

Thinking outside the box

Besides conventional treatments, myotherapists can explore a range of options to get you back to full fitness, and to keep you there. Whether that’s a home treatment that makes use of spiky balls and all of the other weapons in the myotherapist’s armory, or something like an analysis of your running technique, there could be a way to get you back to fighting fitness quicker than you thought.

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Can A Myotherapist Help Me Avoid Knee Surgery?
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