How to Get the Sleep You Crave

How to get the sleep You Crave

Feeling groggy and foggy in the mornings? You’re not alone. Reports show that around 40% of Australians are not getting enough shut-eye, and it’s got the potential to seriously affect the way we live our lives. The Sleep Health Foundation has highlighted potential consequences such as an increased risk of stroke, memory loss, and social withdrawal. Oh, and it’s also estimated to cost the economy $66 billion every year when health bills, lost productivity, and wellbeing are all factored in!

Sit back and relax; the perfect night’s sleep is not out of reach. Below we discuss four ways to give yourself the best chance of getting that great sleep you’ve been craving.

1. Clear your head before hitting the sack

If you consistently find yourself unable to sleep until the early hours of the morning roll around, the chances are you’re overwhelmed with residual stress, worry, or even anger. What you need is a way to let go of the day’s emotions before climbing into bed. One option is to embrace the soothing qualities of meditation. There are tons of books, mobile apps, or even beginner’s courses that will be able to help you decouple from the day’s worries. If meditation is a bit out there for you, go for something a little simpler like soothing music to divert your thinking from all those nagging thoughts that keep you from nodding off. You’ll be surprised at how effective replacing your concerns with a spot of music can be. You can also use your powerful sense of smell to influence the way you feel. Think about how certain smells recall a favourite memory and instantly improve your mood. If you’re having issues getting in the right frame of mind for sleep then essential oils have the potential to reduce anxiety and bring on a feeling of positive relaxation. Most importantly, they’re a natural alternative to those tablets the pharmacist has suggested.

2. Create a bedtime schedule and stick to it

Keeping a regular sleep-wake cycle is one of the most practical strategies you can implement to reduce the stress of bedtime and start your journey towards better sleep. Your body likes routine and is unlikely to respond well if it’s got no way of knowing when your next sleep will be. You can’t be a morning lark one day and a night owl the next. Try to choose a bedtime that suits your lifestyle and your body, and work hard to stick at it. Once you’ve developed a schedule that works for you, try to adhere to it every night of the week to optimise the ease and quality of your sleep. Occasional later nights during weekends are okay if you’re able to slot back into your normal time the following night. While everybody loves a nap and you may need one from time to time, be smart about when and how you do it. Try to limit yourself to 15-20 minute bursts so you don’t oversleep and feel ready for a triathlon when your time for a real sleep rolls around.

3. Stay away from your gadgets before getting some Zzz

Don’t let any of your devices stop you from living a happy and healthier life! Your world will not stop spinning if you give yourself a bit of space from your electronic buddies as you begin to get ready for bed. Studies show that focusing on screens before bed negatively impacts the quality and length of your sleep. The blue light that our electronic devices emit disrupts your body’s internal clock and suppresses the release of melatonin, which is the body’s sleep-inducing hormone. It’s simple, the more time you spend on devices at night, the harder it’s going to be for you to fall asleep. If you’re the kind of person who can’t help themselves reaching for something as bedtime looms, reading an old-fashioned book under a lamp is your best plan of action. If you’re really struggling, keep your electronics in another room and use a simple alarm clock (instead of your phone) to prevent you from staring at your screen like a zombie.

4. Sleep in a comfortable environment

How many of us actually consider our sleeping environment when questioning why we aren’t getting enough sleep? Try to keep your room clean and cool, and avoid using it for work-related or stressful activities. Additionally, never underestimate the importance of your mattress. We know they can be a little costly, but too many people make the mistake of presuming their mattress will last them a lifetime. Just like your body, your mattress will change and age over time. In order to help you get the mattress you need, we’ve spoken to the lovely people at Beds for Backs and arranged for ALL Northern Myotherapy clients to receive a storewide 20% discount. If it is your mattress that’s stopping you from getting the sleep, there’s now no excuse not to fix it.

Talk to our professional and experienced myotherapist to learn more about how to sleep soundly, contact us on 03 9078 9953.

How to Get the Sleep You Crave
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