Myotherapy for Athletes


As restrictions ease in Melbourne, and more sports are allowed back, we’d like to share the ways myotherapy can help athletes! Being an athlete can place a toll on your body – from repetitive strain to physical contact and injury, there are numerous ways you can put your body under stress. This is where we come in to help.

Increase range of motion and movement

Whether throwing a ball or reaching for a catch, your body needs to stay fluid when playing sports. However, a tightening in your muscles can restrict this range of movement. Myotherapy can assist to reduce muscle tension and stiffness to allow freedom of movement without inflammation or pain. Through manual manipulation and activating trigger points, your muscles will release tension and move more freely. There are many ways to supplement this therapy, including a stretching routine, keeping hydrated, and maintaining correct warm-up and cool-down techniques.

Improve mental and emotional wellbeing

Your body and mind go hand in hand. When reducing the physical pain in your body, you are able to sleep well and maintain your mental and emotional sharpness. Myotherapy can reduce headaches, muscle cramps and pain thereby leaving you free to sleep without hindrance. This flows on to a healthy mind as sleep can improve your mood as you wake up feeling refreshed and multiple studies have shown that massage therapy can reduce your stress hormones, and increase your happy hormones, serotonin and endorphins.  More reasons to look after your body with myotherapy!

Injury prevention

After exercising, many of you would have experienced the muscle pain in the days following – exercise breaks down those muscle fibres, and your body has the complex job of rebuilding them stronger! If however, you don’t give your body the opportunity to recover, this could lead to injury and set your fitness goals back. It is important to incorporate a careful recovery and rehabilitation process into your fitness routine, and this is where myotherapy can come in. Myotherapists can release lactic acid and toxins in your muscles to reduce inflammation and encourage blood flow, which will aid with the recovery process.

Reduce Chronic Pain

If you had a niggling pain that has been holding you back, myotherapy is another option for you. Reducing the effects of an ongoing injury can open up your athletic ability and get you on your way to hitting personal bests. Using a combination of methods of treatment, including cupping, dry needling, trigger point therapy and joint mobilisation myotherapy can promote healing in areas of injury.

If you’re an athlete we’d love to assist reach your sporting goals. Our clinic is located in Brunswick. Don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9078 9953 to make an appointment.

Myotherapy for Athletes
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