5 Tips for great posture when working from Home

5 Tips for great posture when working from Home

Given the current conditions, many Australians find themselves working away from the office. Whether you find yourself working from a home office or at the kitchen table, both may present sub-optimal working conditions. These conditions may see you with a sore back  and tight neck. The good news is there are several changes you can make in your home office to improve posture and reduce pain. Here are our top 5 tips for creating an ergonomic desk set up at home:

1. Keep your eyes up and straight ahead

Ensure your monitor is at eye level and about one arm’s length away from your body to ensure you are not looking up, down or moving forward to see the screen. Ideally a good laptop stand, or height adjustable monitor will assist you with getting your screen to eye level. If you do not have access to either, you can get creative. An old dictionary, textbook or two will do the trick.

2. Keep your elbows at 90 degrees

Firstly, keep your keyboard and mouse about 8-10 cm in from the edge of your desk so that your wrists are rested. Next, ensure that your elbows are kept at a 90-degree angle so you are not stretching out or reaching down. With your laptop raised, you can accomplish this by using a wireless mouse and keyboard. Ensuring that your chair is at an appropriate height will also assist you keep a 90-degree angle with your elbows.

3. Use an ergonomic chair

In tips 1 and 2 we recommend keeping your laptop at eye height, and your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Without having to put books under your kitchen chair to accomplish this, we recommend investing in an ergonomic chair instead. This will ensure that you can keep your chair at an optimal height and your back straight. If your feet are hanging from the chair, put something underneath your feet so you can keep them rested as well.

4. Keep on moving

Breaks from your desk are crucial. This will ensure your eyes do not get too tired and your body will not experience too much pressure from staying seated. Take a break every 50 minutes or so and use the time to stretch your legs. A simple neck stretch can also assist with keeping your neck tightness at bay. If you are having a particularly busy day, perhaps you can stay busy by taking a phone call and go for a walk instead of talking at your desk.

5. Invest in a head set or wireless earphones

You may have experienced working with your ear to your shoulder as you speak on the phone. This can cause several issues with your neck and shoulder. By investing in a headset, you can ensure that your head can keep a steady position, reducing the chances of neck strain. An additional bonus to having a wireless headset is that you can go for a walk while talking and have both hands free to type.
So, there you have it. These are our top five tips for your own ergonomic home setup! If however you are still experiencing neck and back pain be sure to call us 03 9078 9953 or book in an appointment for a remedial massage in Brunswick. We are currently open and taking one appointment at a time to ensure safety for all customers.

5 Tips for great posture when working from Home
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