5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Christmas

It’s Christmas Break 2020 – perhaps you sit back and relax, have a few too many drinks, and reduce your exercise regime – it’s easy to get complacent with your health in the festive season. With the holiday season coming up, we’re here to help you stay happy and healthy this Christmas with the following tips.

1 – Eat healthy

The fuel you put in your body is crucial for your energy levels and your waistline! Consider only having one serving of Christmas Pudding, or avoiding the temptation of a second meal. When considering meals on a holiday, try starting with a fresh salad or roasted vegetables before digging into a burger and fries. With the right combination of food, you’ll be surprised how much more energised you feel on your holiday.

When on road trips, or throughout the day taking control of your snacks can be another small tip to implement. Get your fridge or esky ready with sliced carrots, cucumbers and dip before considering a pack of chips or lollies.

2 – Find ways to exercise

You may not find the motivation to hit the gym, so perhaps consider incorporating exercise in with your family’s activities. This can include going for walks, hikes or bike rides. Exercising with your family is a great way to bond too.

Another tip for those exercising regularly is to consider changing your exercise routine into smaller, but more regular, bite-sized chunks. Holidays can be a busy time, so consider getting up earlier or taking 30 minutes from your day to get outside and exercise at your local urban gym or park.

3 – Sleep well

Don’t come back to work more exhausted than when you left! Take the time to sleep and rejuvenate during your break. Sleep deprivation not only leads to fatigue but can result in a lower metabolism, leaving you feeling heavy and lethargic. In between having a fun night out, also consider an early night or a sleep in.

4 – Stay hydrated

Australian summers are hot, and with that, you must stay hydrated! Water makes up 60% of our body so the right amount of water is needed to stay balanced. Always take water with you wherever you go, and consider taking water-rich foods for maintenance. Watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries and lettuce contain more than 90% water and double as a healthy snack too.

It is recommended that men have around 15 cups of water (3.5 litres) and women have 11 cups (2.5 litres) per day. However, take your activities into account when drinking water – increase your intake as you drink alcohol, become active or spend time in the sun.

5 – Make time for self-care

What a year it has been. All of us at some point in Melbourne have experienced stress and pressure as we navigated through the pandemic, but now is the time to relax. And you deserve it! This holiday is a perfect time to practice yoga, meditate, read or book or have some downtime. Our remedial and myotherapy massage services are a great way to improve circulation and decrease tension, so you can also consider a massage to maximise your self-care.

And there you have it – five ways to stay healthy this holiday. Speak to one of our myotherapists in our Brunswickfor more ways to keep your body happy.

5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Christmas
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