4 tips for getting back into exercise after a break

4 Tips For Getting Back Into Exercise After A Break

It’s been a long few months in Melbourne as we buckled down to take control of our second wave. Finally, we are now pleased to be back – this time we’re hoping for good! When it came to exercise, many of us found our motivations went in either direction. Some of us came out of lockdown fitter with home workouts, while some of us took a break as our exercise options became more limited. Whichever boat you fell, we’re here to guide you back into the gym and toward a new exercise routine.

If you found that your exercise routine was halted, slowing getting back into a new routine can be the best way to adapt and adjust your body to the change. Whether you are transitioning from home workouts back into the gym, or if you took a break and wanting to start again, the following tips are for you.

1 – Ease yourself into it

When getting back into the gym, ensure that you don’t go too hard too soon. It’s easy to become enthusiastic and try to pick up the routine you were doing before the break. If you start from where you left off without easing into it, your body may become in shock resulting in strain or injury. Just remember, that it’s okay to take a few steps back in your progress, simply start small and listen to your body as your progress.

2 – Plan your routine

Having a plan can be the best way to kick start your new routine. Consider your lifestyle as you start blocking out time for the gym. Starting before work can be a great way to build your energy for the day, or starting after work can be an excellent way to release stresses from the day. Either way, listen to your body and test which times might be best for your existing routine. Again, you can ease yourself into exercise by aiming for one or two times a week at the gym and build up the frequency as you progress.

3 – Pre and post-recovery 

To ensure you don’t shock your body into injury there is a myriad of preventative tips you can use to safely ease yourself back into exercise. Firstly, start your workout with a warm-up to prepare your body for the increase in activity. Secondly, stretch before and after the workout. This is an important part of your warm-up, and cool down to maintain circulation and reduce lactic acid build-up. You may experience some tightness as you ease back into your exercise routine, so some assistance from our team here at Northern Myotherapy can be another way to ease tension and loosen your muscles

4 – Keep motivated

We all know that creating a new routine can be difficult, so our last tip is to find ways to keep motivated. Asking a friend to workout with you is a perfect way to keep yourself accountable, and can even assist with preventing injury as you support each other lifting larger weights or running longer distances. Setting goals can be another way to stay motivated. As you reach new milestones you will start to feel more confident and excited about your exercise journey. And lastly, just have fun with it! Exercise is not meant to be a chore – exercise releases endorphins and can provide you with more stamina and energy in life. Keeping a safe and regular exercise routine can only do you good!

So that’s all from us today. If you have any questions on how to ease back into exercise and prevent injury speak to one of our myotherapists today. We are here to prevent injury pre and post work out, whether you are easing back into the gym or preparing for an exercise event. Northern Myotherapy will always be here in your corner to support your exercise journey. 

For more information, please contact us on 03 9078 9953 or visit our clinic to talk to our trusted myotherapists.

4 tips for getting back into exercise after a break
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