COVID Safe Plan – Northern Myotherapy

In these challenging times we are doing our best to continue to provide the optimal care for everyone while at the same time maintain safety for all patients and staff.

Northern Myotherapy is doing the following to comply with all current health directives.

Attendance at Northern Myotherapy for staff and patients:

  • Masks will be worn by all attending patients and clinicians will wear both face masks and face shields as directed by the DHHS.
  • We are maintaining social distancing by staggering appointment times and we request patients wait in their cars until called or texted.
  • We are greeting with a smile and a wave rather than shaking hands etc.
  • Hand sanitiser is available on entry.
  • Clinical staff will not attend work should they be suffering any symptoms consistent with Covid or awaiting Covid test results.
  • We are constantly cleaning all common surfaces.
  • Clinicians will be the only ones touching consultation room door handles to decreased risk of patients touching common surfaces.
  • We are asking patients to swipe/tap their own private health/eftpos cards rather than passing their cards to administrative staff.
  • No pens will be shared. If you are required to fill out a form, you can keep your pen as a memento.
  • Online bookings are still available to patients.

Distancing measures at Northern Myotherapy:

Patients are asked to only arrive at the time of their appointment and can otherwise wait in their car to be advised when the clinician is ready to take them in.

One on one consultations only with additional members of the patient’s party currently not allowed into the consultation room except for extenuating circumstances and currently reside or are a family member of the patient.

All patients attending are required to abide by required distancing rules.

Cleanliness and sanitation at Northern Myotherapy:

  • All common surfaces will be cleaned between each patient.
  • Clinical staff will be the only ones touching their door furniture and they will wipe down anything touched by the previous patient before bringing the next patient in.
  • Hand sanitiser is available on reception desk for use on entry and exit.
  • All payments will be contactless with administrative staff talking each patient through the process of swiping/tapping cards as required on payment.
  • There will be no magazines or other common area reading material available.

Working at Northern Myotherapy:

  • All staff are required to have completed Department of Health assigned CovidSafe training. Certificates on display at reception.
  • All staff will be issued with Permitted Worker Permits that will be available at any time requested by authorities.
  • Clinical staff will treat for their entire session/day from the one consultation room. These rooms will then be cleaned thoroughly before use the following session or day.
  • Masks will be worn by all administrative staff. Clinicians will wear both face masks and face shields as directed by the DHHS.

COVID reporting at Northern Myotherapy:

  • All patients, as is normal practice, will leave full name and contact details in the event that they need to be contacted should a positive case of Covid occur at Northern Myotherapy.
  • In the instance that a staff member or patient reports a positive Covid test result, Northern Myotherapy will immediately notify DHHS and all staff members.
  • Northern Myotherapy will then carry out the following staged plan as per DHHS direction.
  • Should a staff member test positive for Covid then all members of the team will be required to undertake Covid tests themselves before isolating. DHHS protocols will then be used for return to work.
  • Should a patient test positive for Covid, the clinician that treated that patient will be required to undertake Covid testing, isolate and following DHHS protocols before returning to work.
  • Permitted Worker Permits will only be valid during periods when staff are not in isolation or awaiting Covid test results. Permits will be reissued once all clear guided by DHHS protocols.

Please let any of us know if there is anything you feel we can do better. We are committed to COVID safe practice in the best interest of everyone.